Beautiful dramatic piano music that is perfect for scenes of emotion, contemplation and beauty.

So you are looking for some beautiful piano music for your excellent content? This article showcases my best beautiful & dramatic piano background music for free mp3 download.

A Feather's Flight

A Feather's Flight is a soft, delicate piano piece that was inspired by a scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest watches a feather take off and fly through the air. It starts off soft and whistful and grows into a beautiful dramatic climax.


Aeon is the perfect dramatic piano cue for serious, slightly dark scenes that need a sense of beauty and brooding.


Continual is a beautiful dramatic piano piece that takes you through a soft piano arpeggio into a beautiful dance of notes and instruments that would sit well with scenes of the universe as well as slow-motion clips.


Diffusion is a beautiful and dramatic piano track. It builds to a lovely romantic climax filled with hope and regret.


Existence is a beautiful piano piece that explores the fragility of love and relationships and is full of romance, hope and delicacy.


Scientia is inspired by scenes from The Hours; theatrical and dramatic and full of cinematic drama.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion is a beautiful dramatic piano piece written for scenes of great scale and drama.

Softly Softly

As the name implies, Softly Softly is a delicate piece of music suitable for a couple dancing in the snow or beautiful scenes of nature.

The Pull of the Sea

Sad and reflective, The Pull of the Sea is perfect for moments of contemplation and thought.

Thought Becomes Action

Thought Becomes Action is a slow and thoughtful piano piece written for the reflective moments in life.

Using My Music on Your Content

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