All of the artists on our roster are monikers of our founder, me, Richard Pryn. Each one serves as a vehicle to deliver all the different styles and genres that I like to produce music in.

Richard Pryn

šŸŽ¹ Neoclassical Piano Music

I have been writing using the piano since I started composing cinematic music back in 2004. Inspired largely by Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi and Yann Tiersen. Since then my piano music has been used in many TV shows, adverts, and movie trailers. I love the versatility of the piano and its ability to convey emotions with very little going on.


This Shimmering Sky

šŸŒƒ Ambient music

This Shimmering Sky is all about creating an ambience and setting a mood. I created this side project when my first child, Imogen was born. I wanted to create soft, subtle ambient music that reflected the joy and nostalgia of seeing your children grow up. I also wanted to have some music that would balance out the huge powerful trailer music that I was producing at the time.


Zac Rivers

šŸ‘¾ Synthwave music

I grew up in the 80s and 90s when 8-bit and synth-heavy music were on all the TV shows and video games that I was watching. I did not realise at the time but it created a very specific sense of nostalgia in me when Synthwave and Retrowave became popular in the early 2000s - so I decided to join in and it is so much fun.



šŸŽ» Orchestral music

I cut my teeth as a composer working as a bespoke composer for the advertising industry. At the time it was very important to be competent at composing orchestral music that had a cinematic lean. I have been addicted to it ever since. During that time I worked with brands like McDonalds, Scrabble, Unilever, Powerade, IBM and many more.


King Somborne

ā˜•ļø Lofi music

Ever since I bought a Sony cassette player to record my song ideas in the 90s I have been drawn to the Lofi aesthetic; to not worry about the recording quality and just focus on the quality of the music and the vibe you are creating, I have been a huge fan of Lofi.